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Impulse Buy: White Topshop Shoulder Embellished Jumper

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I’m currently in Canada on holiday (get me), and I snapped up this jumper as part of my vacation wardrobe. This is what I call a go-to jumper. You go-to dinner in it. You go-to a bar in it. The embellished shoulder detail (oh so flattering, draws your eye up and away from your maple pancake bloated tummy) elevates this top from day to eveningwear. I’m styling mine out with tailored black shorts and shiny black brogues – like a Chanel schoolboy (but with more pancakes). Canadian mountain chic. Sweet.

Jumper 2

Topshops‘ white embellished jumper cost £46.00.


Impulse Buy: Topshop’s Leopard Cutout Back BodyCon Dress

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 Topshop Dress

I don’t usually do animal print, but the colour popping blue of this dress won me over. I am a fashionista, hear me roar! It has a cutout back I imagine would keep the more svelte among you cool, but as I don’t want to share my back fat with the world (it doesn’t seem fair), I wore it with a black body underneath.

In the photo I’m posing (duckface) in vintage orange snakeskin pumps – oh how I wish I could still wear you! But I actually bought this to wear with my blue Nike high tops. My recent ill health means my feet currently have to be firmly flat on the ground, and in very attractive orthopaedic insoles. This dress fits in perfectly with both my sensible shoes and my current wardrobe vibe of 1990s children’s TV presenter. I styled it up with a (fake plastic) gold metal chain also from Topshop and an orange clutch from Zara. Up next I’ll be introducing Fun House, Round The Twist and Sabrina the Teenage Witch while making a lunchbox out of sticky back plastic. Orthopaedic footwear be damned, I’m still going to have fun with fashion!

Topshop’s Leopard CutoutBack BodyCon Dress costs £35.00 and is available to buy here.

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