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Impulse Buy: Toast Pyjamas

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 photo copy

It is cold. Freeze-your-nipples-off, frostbitten-fingers-from-texting-outside, weeing-ice cold. I do not like it. I especially do not like it at night. I wear bed socks all year round. That heatwave we had this year? Bed socks. Travelling through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore? Bed socks. I like layers. All the layers. And I love pyjamas. Not those bottoms and a vest top “sets”, which are pyjamas-lite, the low cal version of nightwear, no, I like to be covered. Insulated. Cosy. Full coverage is safe to answer the door in without flashing the postman. I like cotton pyjamas – softer, avoids night sweats. I don’t like masses of zips, fasteners or buckles – they dig into you and keep you awake at night. I like pockets – to keep your phone in when you’re carrying a stack of books and a glass of water upstairs. I like these pyjamas from Toast. Comfortable, warm, nice retro pattern, pretty collar and cuff detail, pockets. They are a little on the pricey side at £69, but I think they’re worth it. They’d make a great gift from Santa.

photo copy 2You can buy Toast pyjamas here.

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Impulse Buy: Umbra Waste Paper Bin

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In the late summer of 2002, I moved to that shiny capitalist hub, Canary Wharf. Among the list of general items I needed to make my flat a home – bottle opener, reading light, bottle of champagne – was a bin. The choices of bins I found summed up my continuing troublesome relationship with this piece of functional furniture.

First up I discovered some seamless, sculpted attractive bins, available in a range of colours, which I’d have been proud to have in my home. They cost £395 each. £395!! For something you put your junk mail and used teabags in. I’ve been known to splash out in my time, but if I’m spending hundreds on an item I at least want to wear it. (And, yes, thank you to the person that instantly thought: you could put it over your head! I am not in the habit of channelling an 8-year-old pretending to be a Dalek, as my fashion icon. Not yet, anyway.)

The other type of bin I could find? Garish, tacky, and cheap looking. And thus my eyes were opened to the world of two bins. A pattern that is repeated ad infinitum all over the retail world. Finding a bin that is visually pleasing, but doesn’t cost the same as a winter coat is endlessly trying.

I’ve been looking for one for my bedroom (which is styled in rich chocolate brown and gold, with art deco touches), and finally I’ve found it! Umbra’s waste paper bin in espresso brown. It’s a wood texture, dark on the outside, and golden warm wood on the inside, like a chocolate covered toffee. And it sits perfectly in my bedroom. At £19.99, it’s not the cheapest bin, but it’s certainly not hundreds either. Well worth the wait.

bed 1

Umbra Woodrow waste paper bin costs £19.99 and is available from here.

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Impulse Buy: Paperchase’s Giant Coin Purse Tote Bag

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photoI’m a sucker for undersized and oversized items. Tennis balls the size of footballs, hot water bottles that fit in the palm of your hand, pencils you could use as a rounders’ bat: I have to have them all. A clear case of Alice In Wonderland-itis. I’m so big! I’m so small! Curiouser and curiouser…

My Alice alarm sounded when I saw this giant coin purse tote bag in Paperchase. Yes, Paperchase, the shop you buy cards and wrapping paper from. At a bargain price of £25.00 and with a strap you can fit your arm through, this one’s definitely going to the Mad Hatter’s tea party with me. I’m wearing it now, and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

photo copy

With strap. Keys for scale.

Paperchase’s Secret Garden Tote costs £25.00 and is available to purchase here.


Impulse Buy: White Topshop Shoulder Embellished Jumper

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I’m currently in Canada on holiday (get me), and I snapped up this jumper as part of my vacation wardrobe. This is what I call a go-to jumper. You go-to dinner in it. You go-to a bar in it. The embellished shoulder detail (oh so flattering, draws your eye up and away from your maple pancake bloated tummy) elevates this top from day to eveningwear. I’m styling mine out with tailored black shorts and shiny black brogues – like a Chanel schoolboy (but with more pancakes). Canadian mountain chic. Sweet.

Jumper 2

Topshops‘ white embellished jumper cost £46.00.


Impulse Buy: V&A William Morris Writer’s Notebooks

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William Morris Pads

Despite no longer having anything to do with an academic institution, it seems I am pre-programmed to shop for the beginning of the new school year. Well, I’m glad my education led to something worthwhile. I’ve treated myself to these three gorgeous William Morris patterned lined notepads. These notebooks are so beautiful the to-do lists I write in them will undoubtedly be monumental. This stationery will change my life. It’ll also look great on my office desk, and when I whip it out at Tesco’s to look at my shopping list. Bread. Milk. Happiness. Tick. Tick. Tick.

V&A’s William Morris 3 writer’s notebooks set costs £8.99 and is available at Waterstones.

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Impulse Buy: Tesco’s Orla Kiely Shopper for Cancer Research

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Tesco bag

Our eyes met across the checkout queue, and it was love at first sight. You know the story: girl goes out to buy cereal, girl comes back with a new bag. But oh my, what a bag.

I’ve always been a fan of Orla Kiely’s quirky print, and a fair few of her accessories have adorned my wardrobe over the years. Which is why I couldn’t resist this limited edition Orla Kiely print shopper (for Cancer Research Ltd – extra fashion brownie points) from Tesco. It cost four pounds. Let me repeat that: FOUR POUNDS. This may be the cheapest most beautiful thing I’ve bought in a decade. Go buy one now. Hurry!

Tesco’s limited edition Orla Kiely shopper for Cancer Research Ltd costs £4.00 and can be bought here:

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Impulse Buy: Topshop’s Leopard Cutout Back BodyCon Dress

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 Topshop Dress

I don’t usually do animal print, but the colour popping blue of this dress won me over. I am a fashionista, hear me roar! It has a cutout back I imagine would keep the more svelte among you cool, but as I don’t want to share my back fat with the world (it doesn’t seem fair), I wore it with a black body underneath.

In the photo I’m posing (duckface) in vintage orange snakeskin pumps – oh how I wish I could still wear you! But I actually bought this to wear with my blue Nike high tops. My recent ill health means my feet currently have to be firmly flat on the ground, and in very attractive orthopaedic insoles. This dress fits in perfectly with both my sensible shoes and my current wardrobe vibe of 1990s children’s TV presenter. I styled it up with a (fake plastic) gold metal chain also from Topshop and an orange clutch from Zara. Up next I’ll be introducing Fun House, Round The Twist and Sabrina the Teenage Witch while making a lunchbox out of sticky back plastic. Orthopaedic footwear be damned, I’m still going to have fun with fashion!

Topshop’s Leopard CutoutBack BodyCon Dress costs £35.00 and is available to buy here.

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