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Impulse Buy: Clarks’ Mushroom Brogues

| Impulse Buy

Mushroom brogue

Shoe alert!! Shoe alert!! After 6 months of being confined to my trainers due to dodgy feet/knees/everything I am finally breaking free from the sportswear. And in true back to school style, I’ve been shopping at Clarks (old skool). My former designer-shoe-obsessed-self shed a little tear, but my feet breathed a sigh of relief. Because, this stylish pair of Hamble Oak Mushroom brogues are super comfy. They have a soft weave sole (read: they don’t rub or give you blisters), they’re sturdy and waterproof and I can fit my oh so sexy orthotics in them. Once my feet are in them you’ll never know they’re from Clarks (unless you read this blog). They look great with this season’s pink, and I love the name ‘Hamble’. I’ll be happily hambling around in these over the coming months.

Clarks’ Hamble Oak Mushroom brogues cost £54.99 and are available to purchase here.

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