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Impulse Buy: Dylon Bahama Blue Fabric Dye

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I walked past this happy little packet of home dye when I was looking for red biros (I was in the wrong aisle). I have some white Habitat towels that have gone a bit grey, or meh. Instead of chucking out perfectly decent Egyptian cotton, I decided to give this home washing machine dye a whirl. An impulse dye, more than an impulse buy.

Towels Before

Before: bleurgh 

It’s very easy to do (I managed it without dying myself the colour of a Smurf in the process). You empty the dye straight into the washing machine drum, followed by 500g of salt (I used Dylon’s Dye Salt for £0.48), shove your fabric in, run at 40 degrees C, run again at 40 degrees C (with the addition of fabric detergent) and dry. Bob’s you uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and now when they come and stay they’ve got some lovely bright guest towels to use.


After: blue

I bought my Dylon Bahama Blue Fabric Dye from Wilkinson’s for £4.99:

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