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Impulse Buy: Toast Pyjamas

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 photo copy

It is cold. Freeze-your-nipples-off, frostbitten-fingers-from-texting-outside, weeing-ice cold. I do not like it. I especially do not like it at night. I wear bed socks all year round. That heatwave we had this year? Bed socks. Travelling through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore? Bed socks. I like layers. All the layers. And I love pyjamas. Not those bottoms and a vest top “sets”, which are pyjamas-lite, the low cal version of nightwear, no, I like to be covered. Insulated. Cosy. Full coverage is safe to answer the door in without flashing the postman. I like cotton pyjamas – softer, avoids night sweats. I don’t like masses of zips, fasteners or buckles – they dig into you and keep you awake at night. I like pockets – to keep your phone in when you’re carrying a stack of books and a glass of water upstairs. I like these pyjamas from Toast. Comfortable, warm, nice retro pattern, pretty collar and cuff detail, pockets. They are a little on the pricey side at £69, but I think they’re worth it. They’d make a great gift from Santa.

photo copy 2You can buy Toast pyjamas here.

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Impulse Buy: Topshop’s Leopard Cutout Back BodyCon Dress

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 Topshop Dress

I don’t usually do animal print, but the colour popping blue of this dress won me over. I am a fashionista, hear me roar! It has a cutout back I imagine would keep the more svelte among you cool, but as I don’t want to share my back fat with the world (it doesn’t seem fair), I wore it with a black body underneath.

In the photo I’m posing (duckface) in vintage orange snakeskin pumps – oh how I wish I could still wear you! But I actually bought this to wear with my blue Nike high tops. My recent ill health means my feet currently have to be firmly flat on the ground, and in very attractive orthopaedic insoles. This dress fits in perfectly with both my sensible shoes and my current wardrobe vibe of 1990s children’s TV presenter. I styled it up with a (fake plastic) gold metal chain also from Topshop and an orange clutch from Zara. Up next I’ll be introducing Fun House, Round The Twist and Sabrina the Teenage Witch while making a lunchbox out of sticky back plastic. Orthopaedic footwear be damned, I’m still going to have fun with fashion!

Topshop’s Leopard CutoutBack BodyCon Dress costs £35.00 and is available to buy here.

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Impulse Buy: Homemade Floral Headdress from H&M Flower Hairclips

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Hairband in action

Yes, I made this myself.

Flower garlands and hairbands are hot, hot, hot this summer. From festivals to the tennis courts of Made In Chelsea, everyone’s digging the flower power. I’ve long been a fan of piling things up on my head (flat hair syndrome – I love volume), so I’ve wholeheartedly embraced this trend. Plus a substantial hairband is great for hiding root regrowth.

What I don’t like is forking out for a costly flower garland that only goes with one dress in my wardrobe. So I visited H&M and raided their fabric flower hairclips to construct my own, using either a stiff or an elastic hairband. A stiff hairband creates more height (think Frida Kahlo), an elastic hairband feels more hippy (think Woodstock) – I pick dependent on my mood. The result? A unique, cost-effective floral headdress I can mix and match to coordinate with my chosen outfit. Peace out.

Floral H&M

A blooming great selection

I purchased my selection of clip on flowers from H&M:






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Impulse Buy: Dylon Bahama Blue Fabric Dye

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I walked past this happy little packet of home dye when I was looking for red biros (I was in the wrong aisle). I have some white Habitat towels that have gone a bit grey, or meh. Instead of chucking out perfectly decent Egyptian cotton, I decided to give this home washing machine dye a whirl. An impulse dye, more than an impulse buy.

Towels Before

Before: bleurgh 

It’s very easy to do (I managed it without dying myself the colour of a Smurf in the process). You empty the dye straight into the washing machine drum, followed by 500g of salt (I used Dylon’s Dye Salt for £0.48), shove your fabric in, run at 40 degrees C, run again at 40 degrees C (with the addition of fabric detergent) and dry. Bob’s you uncle, Fanny’s your aunt, and now when they come and stay they’ve got some lovely bright guest towels to use.


After: blue

I bought my Dylon Bahama Blue Fabric Dye from Wilkinson’s for £4.99:

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Impulse Buy: Neal’s Yard Ready To Roll

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Ready To Roll

I’ve been feeling a bit rundown recently, which usually mean my stress levels go up. Times of concern include: travelling (have you tried taking public transport with a large case and a walking stick? I wouldn’t recommend it), mornings (they seem to be spent mostly in bed with low energy levels) and night times (great, so now I can’t sleep!). The technical term for my current physical state is: broken.

I recently stayed at a B&B that used Neal’s Yard products, including vaporising oils. I’d forgotten the affect aromatherapy has on me. For the first time in weeks I felt my shoulders relax and I slept soundly (and no, there was no alcohol involved). As soon as I got home I went to Neal’s Yard and snapped up these Ready to Roll oils. A neat travel pack in a hessian pouch, it contains four small vials of oil blends to apply to your pressure points for: Relaxation, Travel, Energy and Night Time. Last night I slept well, this morning I feel energised. Forget £16.50 these are worth their weight in gold. A little bit of portable pampering. Perfect.

Neal’s Yard Ready to Roll set costs £16.50 and is available here:

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