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Impulse Buy: Homemade Floral Headdress from H&M Flower Hairclips

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Hairband in action

Yes, I made this myself.

Flower garlands and hairbands are hot, hot, hot this summer. From festivals to the tennis courts of Made In Chelsea, everyone’s digging the flower power. I’ve long been a fan of piling things up on my head (flat hair syndrome – I love volume), so I’ve wholeheartedly embraced this trend. Plus a substantial hairband is great for hiding root regrowth.

What I don’t like is forking out for a costly flower garland that only goes with one dress in my wardrobe. So I visited H&M and raided their fabric flower hairclips to construct my own, using either a stiff or an elastic hairband. A stiff hairband creates more height (think Frida Kahlo), an elastic hairband feels more hippy (think Woodstock) – I pick dependent on my mood. The result? A unique, cost-effective floral headdress I can mix and match to coordinate with my chosen outfit. Peace out.

Floral H&M

A blooming great selection

I purchased my selection of clip on flowers from H&M:






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