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Impulse Buy: Limited Edition Givenchy Eye Shadow Compact Ecrin Du Soir

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IMG_5491When I was seventeen I bought my first “investment” (i.e. more than I could reasonably afford to spend at the time) beauty product: a limited edition Lancôme nail polish the colour of insect wings. I scraped that nail polish bottle dry. I’ve spent the last sixteen years hunting for a similar shade. Now I’m wary of limited edition slap, if I fall in love with a product I want to know I can stockpile it for some perceived make up drought. I’m more likely to run out of food, before I do Chanel mascara. BUT there was something about the weighty luxury of this textured Givenchy eye shadow compact that I couldn’t resist at Duty Free: it had me at Heathrow.


Inside are four shades that can be used separately, or in any combination (that’s how compacts work). The three matte shades will comfortably cover all your eye make up needs from a perky breakfast meeting (go for the fawn) to a candle lit dinner for two (smokey purple, you sexy minx, you). The final shimmery square of glitzy white delight will have you channelling Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 before you can say ‘hands up, this is a drugs bust!’.  According to Google translate the compact’s name, Ecrin Du Soir, translates to ‘bosky evening’. I have no idea what that means, but I’m in!

Givenchy’s Limited Edition Ecrin Du Soir costs £46.00 and is available to buy here.

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