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My Debut Play: The Legacy

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I’m ridiculously excited to announce my debut play:

The Legacy
A play by Angela Clarke
Directed by Michael Beigal
Starring Claira Watson Parr, Lucinda Westcar & Ray Bullock Jr

Rehearsed readings will be on the 16th and 17th December at 3pm at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Soho. Tickets are availble on their site here.

The producer is in discussions with a number of theatres who’ve expressed interest in The Legacy for their spring schedules, so cross your fingers and: watch this space!

Below you can find a sneak preview of what the play’s about:


Everything changed the day Esther took her mattress to class
Esther claims it was a performance arts protest. Rebecca and husband Adam say it was attention seeking. The estranged sisters are reunited at the reading of their father’s will, where the very presence of Esther unnerves Rebecca and Adam. Cracks appear. Tempers fray. And the truth about Esther’s disappearance a decade ago finally surfaces.
The Legacy is a darkly comic play about the squeezed middle (class), gender politics, and a mattress.

Photo credit: Ben Broomfield

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